Folks that have known me for a long time know I have traveled an awful lot over the years. The last decade or so, I’ve had a trusty camera with me for almost all those trips. And when you factor in that I’ve lived in a number of other countries before arriving in Seattle, it’s fair to say this body has a lot of miles on it.

Much to my surprise, after spending so much time in some of the most amazing places on Earth, I fell completely in love with this “smallish” Pacific Northwest city – Seattle. Initially, like so many other cities I called home along the way, this was my temporary resting place, but over time it’s become a place I’ve grown to really appreciate.

Although the last few years of my photography have really focused on our various portrait businesses, I have managed to get out and about to photograph the Emerald City and am pleased to announce my new show highlighting some of things that make this such a special place to me.

The show’s opening night is this coming Friday (the 10th) and we are having a small reception to kick off events.  We will be there between 7pm & 9pm.

The show will be running for the next few months.

Kuhlman, 2419 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, tel (206) 441-1999