Just love getting phrase from our clients

As with every job and even your personal life it’s really lovely to get phrase about your work and what you do.  Personally I’m often found to be the one that questions myself or wonders what could I have done different to get better results.  So getting some positive reinforcement every now and again is great. I’ve just got done adding some new testimonials to our web site and this one made me smile.

Over the years, Phil has repeatedly done an outstanding job for my commercial photograph needs. He goes above and beyond. For example, during my “shoot” for my new website, when I arrived at the studio, Phil had already done extensive research about me and what I wanted to communicate through the images on my website. He is creative, prepared, prompt, and has great integrity. He also takes my family photos and is amazing with my kids- and makes us look REALLY good, which is also fantastic.

I have added a few more here as well 😉

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Please excuse the mess!

I’m in the process of renovating the web site and many of the galleries will be offline for a day of so.


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