Repost: Robert Capa’s Longest Day

A great piece in this month’s Vanity Fair on the famous war photographer Robert Capa.  As a history buff I know many of the photographs but only recently learnt about the photographer.  Some iconic shots of his over the years featured in the article.  The shot below of Huston Riley is said to have played a role in inspiring the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’.  This is very much a local story with Huston being a long time resident of Mercer Island – a nice story about him from 2008.



Full article and many more photos’s on Capa here.


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Repost: Portraits Of The World’s Remotest Tribes

A very moving set of portraits from some of the remotest tribes around the world by photographer Jimmy Nelson .  A huge project to undertake for sure.  That said, after watching the over produced video at the end of the post, i came away with the feeling that he could be exploiting the very tribes that he set out to photograph.  The whole positioning around ‘before they pass away’ is so over the top, even if true. Enjoy the photographs, you can decide how you feel about his approach to the project.

Photographs, notes and video here.

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