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Just received a new album from Millers to support my art pieces that are hanging at Alchemy Collections.  The book contains another 50+ travel photographs that folks can look at and then order pieces directly from Alchemy.  I’m excited to have so much of my work visible again.

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Photography Exhibit at Alchemy Collections

Before we created the Fine Art Photography Studio and Seattle Boudoir Photography, which has quickly grown into one of the city’s leading boudoir studios, I devoted my creative energy to photographing wildlife, landscapes and various natural and man-made structures. I categorize this as my “travel” work, and throughout the years, I have exhibited and sold select pieces throughout Seattle.

In addition to the short term exhibits, for the last year I have also had a few of my travel pieces featured in Alchemy Collections – one of Seattle’s top contemporary home furnishing stores. Now I am thrilled to announce that we have just installed a number of new additions to Alchemy Collections, which are currently on-display and available for purchase. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find!

Traditional Frames

The first four pieces (shown below) are displayed in a traditional fine art gallery format: photographs printed on a fine art stock paper, matted, and then framed in black metal.

Morning Eagle, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier National Park holds a special place in my heart, and this trip was especially meaningful. The “Morning Eagle” boat drew my attention instantly, and in order to get the perfect shot, I found myself wading up to my waist in freezing cold glacier water. Thankfully it was the summer time so I could dry off and warm up! This piece is available as a 16×24 print in a 25×32 frame (inches).

Phil Holden

Dock, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Captured on the same trip, this shot was taken not long after sunrise. With rays of light streaming through the clouds, illuminating the dock, I was fascinated by the juxtaposition between the bright wood and the sinister clouds over the mountain peak. This piece is available as a 16×24 print in a 25×32 frame (inches) and would be the perfect companion to Morning Eagle.

Phil Holden

Viaduct, i99, Seattle, Washington, USA

Even now, as I look at this abstract piece, I see new elements appear before me. I love how the circles seem to meet indistinguishably, making what once were cars and street lamps on the i99, now a celebration of color, reflecting on the Puget Sound. This was all created with a very slow shutter speed. This piece is available as a 22×34 print in a 24×36 frame (inches).

Phil Holden

Bicycle, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Taken in one of my favorite cities, I find this shot to be timeless. There is something truly special about capturing a scene in today’s world that could have been taken 50 or 100 years ago. My favorite aspect is the collection of cigarette butts left on the stone. This piece is available as a 16×24 print in a 25×32 frame (inches).

Phil Holden

Murals with Aluminum

The second presentation style is something that I first started to use about three years ago and is completely different from traditional framing. First, rather than printing the photograph on traditional photographic paper, the image is printed on aluminum metal sheets. These are extremely lightweight yet sturdy and are printed with a protective UV layer and are scratch resistant. These photographs are printed and then cut into separate 12 inch squares which are then aligned together for the final print. The individual squares are hung together with little hooks so that the whole display hangs away from the wall. The sizes of these pieces are truly impressive. This contemporary style is perfect for a home or business.

Illumination, Seattle, Washington, USA

Taken in Seattle as the sun had just finished sneaking down behind the mountains, the light bulb absorbed the full color of the sky. I love the simplicity of this photograph in its composition. This piece is made up of six squares and is approximately 2×3 feet in size.

Phil Holden

The Crossing, Wildfowl Lane, Montana, USA

Back in Montana, while was exploring a wildlife reserve, I came across this wonderful crossroad. Between the glow of the earth and the long shadows, I was reminded of how magical each sunset really is. This piece is made up of eight squares and is approximately 2×4 feet in size.

Phil Holden

Walk to the Top, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Having lived in Sydney for several years, the city holds a very special place in my heart. During a fierce storm (yes, even Sydney has them!), I saw about a dozen people climbing up the Sydney Harbor Bridge, at a height of 440 ft. This piece is made up of fifteen squares and is approximately 3×5 feet in size.

Phil Holden

Mystic, Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge holds a dear place in my heart, from early childhood memories, to my most recent visit a few years ago, it is a truly gorgeous place. As my passion for photography developed, I pushed myself to capture this well-known wonder in a unique way, focusing on the abstract, the details, and the way the silhouetted stones seem to open up to the heavens. In the lower right hand corner, the outline of a man walking around the stones challenges the mystical image with a nod to reality. This piece is made up of 12 squares and is approximately 3×4 feet in size.

Phil Holden

So that’s it for now. A total of eight pieces: 4 traditional frames, 4 in contemporary metal.

I want to send a special thanks to the folks at Alchemy Collections – Michael, Sandra, Danielle and all others for letting us show these pieces, we are super excited to get them out there!   Next time you are in Seattle why swing by and check out the new collection, love know what you think, especially on the alloy murals.   They are located at 2029 Second Ave, between Lenora and Virginia.

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