The changing faces of war

Some very moving photographs from Paula Bronstein from Getty today of Women Marine’s serving in the Female Engagement team in Afghanistan.   Prior to starting our Boudoir Photography business I hadn’t spent a huge amount of time with military personnel but over the last couple of years we have had close to a hundred clients that are connected with the military, either serving or spouses of those that serve.  Initially it was the wives and girlfriends, but since then we have had multiple women clients that are serving themselves, many on the front lines like these brave women.     No matter your viewpoint of the wars that we find ourselves in, this brave ladies deserve our respect for the work that they are doing in very tough conditions.   For the full photo essay just click on the photo below. 


All-female U.S. Marine team in Afghanistan

Elena Grothe writes :Here is a selection from the photo essay by Getty Images photojournalist Paula Bronstein that Getty moved this morning. Photographed last month, the images depict the women deployed as the second Female Engagement team in Afghanistan. Getty reports that the women gain access where men cannot and train for any possible situation, including learning Afghan customs and basic Pashtun language. View the full sideshow HERE.


Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Sgt. Sheena Adams, 25, and Lance Corporal Kristi Baker, 21, and Hospital Corpsman Shannon Crowley, 22, US Marines with the FET 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II pose at their forward operating base on Nov. 17, 2010 in Musa Qala, Afghanistan.


Photoblog – All-female U.S. Marine team in Afghanistan

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Express Yourself: A Major New Showcase Of Gay Portraiture : The Picture Show : NPR

A great article this weekend on NPR on the first large showcase of Gay Portraiture that is being hosted by the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.    It sounds like such a great show and its amazing that it has taken so long for a show focused on this to get the airtime it deserves.  Really wish I could get to see it.

Express Yourself: A Major New Showcase Of Gay Portraiture


Hide/Seek is not exactly hidden, but to find it, you have to thread your way upstairs and through the crowds visiting a hugely popular Norman Rockwell exhibition at the adjacent Smithsonian American Art Museum. Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery is a smaller show, but it marks the first time a major museum in the United States has dedicated an entire exhibition to gay and lesbian portraiture.

Express Yourself: A Major New Showcase Of Gay Portraiture : The Picture Show : NPR

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