It’s Kim and I feel like it’s time to give some advice on dating photos.  Oh my!

Generally filling out a date profile is taxing enough, so why end all your hard work with a mediocre photograph?

Your profile photo should show off who you are NOW, not who you were 3 years ago. One of the oddest things we’ve seen for dating profile photos are selfies in the car! I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of photos like this complete with seatbelt across your chest. Unless “said” car is a classic, (your pride and joy ) this form of photo for you profile is not ok. Not only does it look a bit odd, it’s unsafe! Eyes on the road people!

Another photo phenomenon is bathroom mirror selfies that allow you to see the phone you took it with, along with your countertop that could use a bit of a tidy………… Things I’ve seen in the background of a bathroom selfie: cleaning supplies, tampons, children, and the occasional dirty bathroom sink!

With all that said, we would LOVE to take your photographs for your dating profile. If you are unable to get your photos professionally done at least take the time to do them right. Grab a friend, put on something cute, and fire off a ton to look though!

*Hint*Natural lighting is always the best.

If that doesn’t work for you then contact us.