I was reading an interesting blog post by Jeff Reifman who has been in and around the Seattle tech circuit since the early nineties.  The post was all about the challenges of dating in Seattle with a much larger percentage of single guys than available single girls.  From reading 2010 census data Jeff concludes that;

Based on the 2010 census data, Seattle has 119 single men for every 100 single women, slightly better than San Francisco at 121 – but equal if you add in the impact from nearby Bellevue, which is an awful 144.

Then using more recent data he estimates that the 2014 numbers are most likely around 130 single males per 100 single females.  His premise is that Amazon, with its crazy hiring and the fact that their gender distribution is around 75% male is causing much of the in balance.


That made me wonder if this is in part why we recently seen a much higher percentage of male clients come visit us for our online dating photographs?  Initially when we launched our dating photography package last year our client were in the 90% female and 10% male, now the numbers are more like 60% female and 40% male.   It makes me realize that I need to reach out to some of our male clients and see if the photos helped at all making them standout?