A great write up by Joe McNally on the upcoming D4 just announced by Nikon.   Sounds like a simply great camera.  Next question, when can I justify purchasing this little baby.  Some of my favorite comments below, full link to article as well.

Shooting the D4!

In Equipment at 1:15am

“The D4 is an entirely new chapter in the history of the pixels. It arrived in a nondescript box. We all stared at it, like it was something that got sent from a sci-fi movie, and if we opened it, we would find the still beating heart of an alien life form. “

“We knew it was gonna be cool. We just didn’t know how cool. “



“We found our way to a picture, through the muck and the mud. And, right off the bat, I was impressed with the file. It was, in a word, smooth. I know that’s not a techy description, and there’s some folks out there right now counting every pixel, but I was impressed by the detail and the creaminess of the pictures. No sharpness of contrast, and harshly defined lines of demarcation between highlights and shadows. Smooth, in a word, and great skin tone.”

“Through it all, I was continuously impressed with: Skin tone, for one thing.”

“File detail and forgiveness in the shadows.

Responsiveness of the camera in terms of intuitively good exposures and autofocus.

Video quality and new features. Wow. We’re in the final stages of post right now for what we shot. Check back sometime next week for the full scoop. It’s a game changer.

New rocker buttons for moving the auto-focus cursor.

Ease of shifting the auto-focus modes.

Size and clarity of the lcd.”

The fact that I dropped one and it kept working.

Plus, none of us had tried to light an elephant with an SB-910 and a Lastolite tri-grip before.



Shooting the D4! « Joe McNally’s Blog