The Team

There is no way Phil could do this job without his skilled and critical team members that play a vital role:

Amy Westfall

Studio Manager

Amy makes sure that everything in the studio flows smoothly for clients and the team alike. Although she is often hidden behind the scenes, you can bet that Amy has got your back. When she’s not amazing her teammates with her impeccable memory, Amy is seeing to it that the photos you take home with you are nothing less than spectacular.

Originally from the cornfields of Indiana, Amy landed in Seattle with her lovely husband. When she’s not in the studio, Amy can be found attempting to knit, playing with her ‘small’ Newfoundland dog, whipping up some amazing food, or screaming her head off during a Sounders match… she’s a bit obsessed.

Kim Merritt

Stylist and Framer

Kim ensures that all of our clients have a fun and fantastic time in our studio! Kim’s outgoing personality and friendly demeanor allows our clients to have a great time while being fully relaxed in front of the camera. Kim has earned the nickname of “Kim-of-all-trades” here in the studio. At times she can be helping out with lighting tests, organizing the studio, designing new set ideas, amongst other jobs. As a skilled framer for over seven years, Kim loves the transition from having clients in the studio to creating framed photographs and albums for them to take home.

Kim moved her creativity and artistry to Seattle from the panhandle state of Florida. In addition to being a top notch framer, Kim designs and makes some of the coolest and “grittiest” jewelry Seattle has seen. When she’s not in the studio, Kim is playing with metal, fire, and her bicycle.

Phil Holden


Phil is an around-the-world-explorer, technology geek, corporate executive, fashion plate, and creative artist. You might say he’s had as many lives as his cat – Ms. Georgia Jones. A quirky mix of right-brain and left brain smarts – along with a healthy dose of British-wit, Phil is happiest when he is behind a camera. He enjoys making subtle adjustments to get just the right shot that truly brings out the unique personality and style of his clients.

When adventuring around the world with his camera as his sidekick, Phil has captured some amazing images include zebras in Africa, the Stonehenge ruins in England; the Sydney Opera House in Australia, and some one-of-a-kind sunsets. Currently he spends most of his time at his contemporary Seattle-based studio, Seattle Boudoir, where he and his team are focused on making women feel beautiful, confident and sexy.

When you come to the studio, you step into a safe space, where Phil and a talented team of stylists are totally focused on making you feel comfortable, taken care of, and free to be yourself.