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As you might have guessed from the website address, I’m Phil Holden, owner of this site. Over the years, I have used this domain for several uses, but in early 2022 I decided to create a new incarnation. I wanted an outlet to write on subjects unrelated to my professional life while also focusing on search engine optimization—also, a place where I could experiment with web design and build.

Originally from England. I have lived in Paris, Milan, and Sydney before settling in Seattle.

Professionally, I’m in the technology space, as is much of the Seattle population. However, there are many more details for anyone interested on LinkedIn.

I’m married to an amazing lady. We live in an apartment with two cats, who love how much time we spend at home since lockdown. If anyone visits and finds anything valuable and insightful, I will be satisfied. If not, that’s ok as I tend to be happy anyway.

If you are looking for my health and fitness content, I moved it to a new site focused on that, details here

Phil Holden

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